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Northern Nigeria Is A Failed Region And At The Edge Of Extinction While Hypocrisy Persists

Press Statement - 29th May, 2014

The leadership of Arewa Youths Forum (AYF) met on the night of 28th May, and early hours of 29th, 2014 in Kaduna and reviewed the State of the Nation vis-à-vis burning issues confronting the entire Northern Nigerian and resolved as follows:

  • That without mincing words or reservation, our region; Northern Nigerian is a failed region and at the edge of extinction and heading to only God knows destination, 85 percent of our rural communities are living in absolute fear and a tensed atmosphere as our rural communities have become killing fields on a daily basis with such brutality as cannot be fully understood.
  • Except for a few states of the 19 Northern States, quality and purposeful governance and administration is at its lowest ebb, with an astronomical rise in the embezzlement of public funds at its peak. The failure of governance has led to a collapse of both, the education and health sectors and the worst of all, the insecurity holding the entire region ransom despite all manner of pretence by both State and Federal Governments.
  • That indigenous and local economic activities that thrived in our local communities have collapsed, in view of the constant threats faced by farmers and farming activities, small scale businesses and even fishing to mention a few.
  • That there are signs of looming Food Security crisis that will soon engulf the entire Northern Region and will plunge millions of our populace in to severe hunger and starvation arising from the insecurity.
  • That there is a clear abuse of religious practices and also a lack of religious freedom, which is stemming from thriving inciting teachings by religious leaders who ought to be the bastion of peace.
  • That manipulation of our major religions (Islam and Christianity) ahead of 2015 is now the order of the day and is deeply encroaching into our political and economic landscape.
  • That our political class has channeled their mindsets so obsessively on the 2015 power struggle at different levels, while the region is burning and literarily on fire. Our problems are being compounded politically via a false conspiracy theories dubiously advanced in the name of insurgency ravaging the North.

It is on all these we are making the following appeal:

  • That Federal and Northern State Governments must stop the politicization of insurgency and other serious problems associated with Northern Nigeria because we are failed region and at the edge of extinction
  • That manipulation of religion for political and economic interests by elites to the detriment of our teeming populace must stop forthwith, sincerity, justice and sensitivity to the plights of Northerners irrespective of their differences must be giving cogent attention
  • That the ongoing bloodshed must be stopped by all and sundry, governments must explore all its constitutional avenues with sincerity and an honest approach, while traditional and religious institutions must chart a new course because we are running out of time.
  • That building of trust among Northerners must be taken serious, to revive our glorious past ahead of the impending danger ahead
  • Each state of the North must led by example and commence working on peace and reconciliation of its indigenous Christians and Muslims and all the ethnic groups
  • Usage of vulgar words like ‘Berom terrorists’, ‘infidels’ ‘Hausa terrorists’, ‘Muslim and Christian fanatics’ among others must stop for peace and stability and also ensure absolute religious freedom.

Gambo Ibrahim Gujungu
National President
Arewa Youth Forum
29th May, 2014, Kaduna