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Hamza Nasko - A Young Entrepreneur with Uncommon Achievement

Hamza Nasko

Alhaji Hamza Nasko is one of the few young men who knows what he wants from life and is stopping at nothing to achieve same. While many in his age bracket are still grappling with their purpose and mission on earth, Nasko has successfully written his name on the sands of time as one of the youngest entrepreneurs ever.

Hamza Nasko is the Founder, Chairman and CEO of HMG Group. He is a degree holder in Metrology with vast experience in property development, construction and international transactions. His ability to diversify in business has turned the company into the successful conglomerate it is today. The medical sector has been his most recent venture with HMG GmbH, A German based company he founded responsible for delivering world class medical services.

Born into the humble family of Major General Muhammadu Gado Nasko, the young Nasko took some exemplary traits from his father. In his words: ‘In preparing for life, my father thought me honesty, humility, self-respect and respect for humanity. We are a close compact family and his legacy in us still endures till this day’. ‘I started schooling at Command Children School, Yaba. From there I proceeded to Nigeria Military School, Zaria. I later proceeded to Government College, Kwali, Abuja and later to Federal University of Technology, Minna where I graduated with a degree in Metrology’.

Nasko is a born entrepreneur. From childhood he has always had his mind set on employing people other than seeking employment. Therefore it wasn’t a surprise to many when at a very tender age, he had begun building his business empires across the world. He gave a detailed insight to how it all started. Hear him: ‘Right from my childhood, I’ve always had it at the back of my mind to always identify business areas that is worth investing. Despite the fact that it was heavily frowned at then that undergraduates or young people generally should not venture into any form of business, I wasn’t deterred. I cleverly sighted business opportunities around and invested with the small money that I had then. I was so caught up in business ideas then that some of my peers already identified me as a businessman even while in school’.

He continued: “I remember quite alright an event that happened in my 200 Level at Minna. I read an advertorial in one of the national dailies that the government was interested in buying transformers and generators to enhance rural electrification at that time. And I was very interested. But funny enough, I had no money, company or any material thing that I could call mine. I just picked up the idea that if they were interested in doing this, there was nothing stopping me. To start up, I registered a company and went every day to the Rural Electrification Board. I kept going every day until one day I was awarded the contract to supply four transformers. I had no money for the supply. I remember then that I had to travel to Port Harcourt to one of the companies that deals in transformers. I informed them of the offer on ground and they said I had to pay. I said I had no money and tried convincing them to supply me two of the transformers up front. They did supply me and I paid them what was due to them”.

The amiable CEO further narrated: “That was how I was able to pull my first project, and it has been like that ever since. I don’t believe or trade in excuses. I believe there is no limitation to human achievements except one intentionally wants to be lazy. And this idea of mine is what is responsible for our diversification at HMG Group today. I also believe that there is a way to be a jack of all trade and yet be a master of it all. It works thus; to be a master of a particular trade, what you need do is look for experts in that very field. Of course, you can’t know it all but there are people who must have excelled in that field. Be humble enough to reach out to them and they will teach you all the basics to succeed in that line of business. The moral of the story here is that with the right partnership, you can actually be a jack of all trade”.

Reacting to what led to the recent addition in his business empire, the medical services, Nasko noted: ‘The medical services is actually a pet project of mine and what inspires me into it was the health problem that I actually had with my eye and I had to travel to Germany for the operation. That operation was something I couldn’t achieve here in Nigeria though I could afford it. Although I was criticized by a lot of medical practitioners here that I was promoting the exportation of medical services abroad, which is taking away their customers for services they think they can provide. And as a man of conscience, I had to agree and disagree at the same time because it is a fact that there are some services that some hospitals here cannot provide. And that doesn’t mean that a sick person should wait here and die because the doctors cannot provide the services’.

Hear him further: “During the course of my treatment there, I liaised with some businessmen, doctors and professors on the possibility of bringing this type of services to not only Nigeria but the entire developing country to benefit from. We had series of meetings with the German government through the embassies to introduce our idea and they absolutely bought the idea. Though they initially expressed reservations on the logistics and welfare of the personnel to be involved, but we were able to overcome all that challenges with adequate planning and consultations. I will say it’s quite comforting for me to know that we are providing the best of medical treatments for ailments that we all know that we can’t get the services yet here in Nigeria”.

This young and versatile Nigerian who is a fellow of African Business School has almost seen and conquer it all. His philanthropic gestures to different organizations is second to none. To encourage his gigantic achievements and act as catalyst for him to achieve more enduring ones, The African Achievers Award named him Youth Achiever of the year 2014. He also received the business personality of the year award in 2014 from Federal Capital Advancement Award. The Arewa Youth forum also identified him as the sterling youth entrepreneur of the decade. This is just a few of the accolades in his kitty.

Highlighting some of the factors that has kept the HMG Group in business despite the dwindling economic policies, the erudite Chief Executive noted: “I’ve been made to understand early in life that the success of whatever business that you run depend largely on people management at all levels. Our success today can be attributed to the good relationships that we have built over time with people. The integrity, honesty and good reference points that we have always demonstrated in all our dealings also have a major role to play in our success. If people find you as a man of your words, they have reasons to come to you again for business. We have developed a brand and character that has continued to endear us to our various business partners across the globe. And this is a continuous process”.

Nasko is not one of those to be carried away by whatever form of success he has achieved. His attention is always geared towards breaking new grounds and discovering something more worthwhile to invest in. Little wonder, The HMG Group despite having diversified in a lot of sectors still hopes to venture into Agriculture before the end of the year. In his words: ‘We are soon investing in agriculture. We have carried out our survey and feasibility studies. We have concluded plans with both our local and foreign partners and we are taking up sooner than expected. We have identified agriculture as a profitable area of business and we will stop at nothing to achieve excellence that the HMG Group is known for in the sector in less than ten years’.

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